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AA. “Trans Fran Sisco Shows” – In-person and Streaming. – “RB – Trans Fran Sisco Shows” – In Person and Streaming

A. FILMMAKING – RB – Filmmaking – e.g. Happy Trans Girl Like Me

B. COMEDY – RB – Comedy

C. ACTING AND STAGE PERFORMANCES – RB recent – Acting, scripts, plays,  television, film, video

D. SINGING AND MUSIC – RB – Singing and music

E. VISUAL ARTS – PAINTING AND SCULPTURE – RB – Paintings and sculpture

F. RADIO – RB – Radio shows

G. Fran Sisco’s True Story – “Once a Boy” TM – RB – “Once A Boy”

H. WEB SERIES, INTERNET PROGRAMSRB – Calabrese Cooking (with Pandemic Cooking with Wendy)



1.Award-winning short film (17-minutes) called “Happy Trans Girl Like Me.”

At the IMDb-qualified Cutting Room International Short Film Festival, Fran Sisco won Best LGBT Documentary on 10/21/18. Below are youtube clips from her acceptance speech and a video version of the film.

1.Acceptance speech by Fran (with festival director Kathrina Miccio) (missing first few comments) on 10/21/18

2. Interview (before winning the next day) of Fran by Joe Wooley, award-winning filmmaker and motivational speaker, and media expert on 10/20/18:

3. Video of the 17-minute award winning film called “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” tht includes the original song of the same name. Copyright 2018 Fran Sisco