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Welcome to my site! I’m sharing what I’ve discovered after being faced by many challenges, especially over the last 10 years. For me, and possibly for you, one strategy to get a  fuller happier life is by strengthening and then integrating our left-brain (which is detailed, organized, linear thinking, present-based) with our right-brain (which is creative, intuitive, relationships, future-based). You may find you also get enhanced spirituality! Strengthening and then integrating the two sides of my brain have led to the following two examples in my life of personal breakthroughs and living passionately:

(1) By presenting as a transgender female full-time since 1/1/11, I have enjoyed much more creativity, friendships and fun and

(2) By working with my clients using integrated left-brain/right-brain services (such as “Holistic Financial Strategies” at a reasonable fee such as under $1,000 in many cases), we have together discovered significant strategies in improving client lives, including their financial health.Want to find out more?

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