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Birthday Celebration at 7pm on Tuesday 4/26/22 in NYC, and with films and music at the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street, NYC 10012

Subject: Fran Sisco- Birthday celebration-Tuesday, 4/26/22, 7pm at the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond St. (in the Bowery), NYC 10012

4/21/22- Hi Friends! – 
Please come enjoy my birthday celebration on 4/26/22, at 7pm at the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond St. (in the Bowery), NYC that will include:
(1) group singing of my pop song “Happy Trans Girl Like Me”- soundcloud link is below if you want to practice the chorus (being filmed)
(2) Showing three of Fran’s trans documentaries, including humor and music (30-minutes in total, award-winning) (“Happy Trans Girl Like Me,” “Stonewall, Thanks!” and “Being a Trans Girl”)
(3) Showing of the funny gay (partial male nudity) film called “Male Modesty” that was written, acted, and directed by my dear friends Clover Welsh and Jed Ryan, and has been getting lots of attention and reviews! (20 minutes)
(4) Light refreshments, laughing, dancing, discussions! $10 suggested donation.
More info on www.TransFranSisco.com, including Covid precautions, if any
xoxo Fran Sisco
Cell 914.589.1013


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I’m sharing on this site (1) stuff from my right-brain such as performances (acting, comedy, singing, plays, writing, poems, songwriting, essays etc.) and (2) stuff from my left brain, such as information about taxes, financial planning, investments, insurance, business consulting, etc. The tabs at the top of this page could help guide you. I believe that my full-time life as a female since 1/1/11 has enabled me to better integrate these 2 sides of my brain and be more creative, productive and enable me to share myself and help and enjoy people more effectively. Please contact me. The best way is to my cell at 914.589.1013. Otherwise see CONTACT tab.


Invitation for you – Every few weeks we offer the below space to a friend to share their art, whatever the form. If you are interested or in being a guest or sponsor of our “Crisis Help Radio Show,” or performing in our plays, shows, films concerts, meetings, etc. please email me at FrancisSisco@aol.com.


Warm regards,

Fran Sisco