RB – Filmmaking – e.g. Happy Trans Girl Like Me

Below is information about Fran Sisco’s filmmaking:

A. Award-winning “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” -Winner of Best LGBT Documentary at The Cutting Room International Film Festival (NY) in 10/2018 and Best LGBT Documentary at The Five Continents International Film Festival (March 2019 monthly festival) and nominated for Best LGBT Documentary at the Venus Italian International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV) in 7/2019.



Short film documentary (17Copied below is posting from facebook – Video of the 17 minute film, award acceptance speech at the Cutting Room International Film Festival (with Kathrina Miccio, Director) and photos:


B.  “Being a Trans Girl,” produced and directed by Fran Sisco, featuring Regina Elizabeth King, with a parody (fair use) of “La Vie en Rose” (Fran Sisco does not own the rights to that song).

C.  “People to People” prerecording of television show, which has become a type of cult classic, showing everyday people talking proudly about themselves.

D. Interview of Joe Franklin, national celebrity, in his authentic Times Square office (shown currently in many videos on youtube) and soon to be assembled into a documentary film

E. “The Deal” currently in development about an unusual game played by men (in Fran Sisco’s dream) but instead of poker and cards, the game involves boasting and past lives.

F. Various interviews from the Crisis Help Radio Show (that airs on WVOX 1460 AM)