RB – Filmmaking – e.g. Happy Trans Girl Like Me

Below is information about Fran Sisco’s filmmaking:


A1. “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” – 17 minute documentary

Award-winning “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” -Winner of (1) Best LGBT Documentary at The Cutting Room International Film Festival (NY) in 10/2018, (2) Best LGBT Documentary at The Five Continents International Film Festival (March 2019 monthly festival) and (3) Best LGBT Documentary at the Venus Italian International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV) in 7/2019. See below the poster for a youtube link to the film.



Copied below is posting from facebook – Video of the 17 minute film, award acceptance speech at the Cutting Room International Film Festival (with Kathrina Miccio, Director) and photos:



A2. “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” – 5 minute music video – subtitled in English and in Italian

Award-winning “Happy Trans Girl Like Me – Music Video” is the original song about the joys of being a fully-expressed transgender female, brought to life with clips of Fran Sisco, her daughter and friends at various venues (including at the famous San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy in New York City. The song is fun as are the scenes. The lyrics are subtitled in English and Italian (and one verse in French), as an extra appeal for Italian communities (Fran Sisco’s 4 grandparents are from Calabria in Italy) and the hearing-impaired communities (Fran’s younger brother was hearing impaired, yet still loved music and dancing.) The subtitles enhance not impede the enjoyment of the song.



A3. “Being a Trans Girl” –

“Being a Trans Girl,” was produced and directed by Fran Sisco, featuring Regina Elizabeth King, with the song “Being a Trans Girl,” original parody (fair use) of “La Vie en Rose” (Fran Sisco does not own the rights to that song) and two other songs (1) Sweetheart, We’re Meant to Be and (2) “Being a Trans Girl – DoWop Version.” The 5-minute film won “Best LGBT Documentary (notified 2/15/20) at the prestigious South Film And Arts Academy Festival (in Venezuela) and at After Hour Film Festival, notified  on 4/8/21.

Note concerning entry into the Below the Line Film Festival via FilmFreeway.  Chill Bucket Productions does not allow films that are pending with Below the Line festival to be on online platforms at the same time, and so effective 11/27/22 the 5-minute film has been removed from this website (www.TransFranSisco.com) and also from http://www.youtube.com (changed from public to private).




A4. “Being a Trans Girl” at Davenport Park in New Rochelle and Field 6 at Jones Beach, Montauk, NJ

“Being a Trans Girl,” was produced and directed by Fran Sisco, featuring Regina Elizabeth King, with the song “Being a Trans Girl,” original parody (fair use) of “La Vie en Rose” (Fran Sisco does not own the rights to that song). The 5-minute film was included in the Yofifest film festival in Yonkers, NY in __________________ and Fran Sisco talked about the film afterwards.


A5. “Stonewall, Thanks!” – 5 minute documentary

“Stonewall Thanks” is a 5-minute documentary about the gratitude a transgender female expresses through song and discussion for The Stonewall Inn and related Christopher Park, as she reminisces about the early days of crossdressing on Sunday mornings there, now over 40 years ago. Being a woman is extraordinary, and for a person who dreamt and prayed about it since childhood, it has an extra special level of empowerment. Add to that being part of a Pride show of the Imperial Court of NY (one of the world’s most loving and charitable LGBTQ organization) at America’s most famous Stonewall Inn, across from a park that 40 years ago, I would sit in on a Sunday morning dressed as a female and read the NY Times and drink a cup of coffee, all the while building dream – these are the ingredients in this fast-moving 5-inute short film, that has been contributed to the National Park Service which is developing a film about Stonewall based on submissions. I’d love to revisit Paris with an award under my arm.


A6. “Our Friend Wendy. It’s Her Birthday!” – 5 minute music video

“Our Friend Wendy, It’s Her Birthday” is a lively music video in which several friends creatively express their birthday wishes for a close friend, despite the in-person limitations of Covid-19, using picture-in-a-picture and other tools.

Before the Pandemic, it was taken for granted to spend lots of time together and out in the world, especially NYC, singing, dancing, acting, entertaining, participating in talk shows, and celebrating birthdays. The Pandemic greatly limited this and made having a birthday party for our mutual friend Wendy not possible. As a work-around, I developed the idea, first of a song, then a music video for all of us to artistically express our fondness for our dear friend Wendy, to do it in a way that reflected and celebrated her vitality and her love for people’s authenticity. I used various tools to build the song with various voices, instruments of my own and adding others especially an excellent saxophone track, remotely, and all the participants’ voices. On the visual side, I used imovie to record, edit and combine various selfie videos and then used the picture-in-a-picture tool, innovatively layering to give the appearance of us all concurrently performing it together, creatively, energetically and complementing each other. Thanks to (1) Kelly Sisco (2) Jed Ryan (3) Joe Aiello (4) Ike Avelli (5) Tym Moss (6) Simone Kraus (7) Nick Lion who contributed certain photos (8) Baron Raymonde (sax player) and (9) Fran Sisco, myself, who wrote and performed the music and lyrics and played over ten real instruments and Garage Band instruments. Everyone, including Wendy, loved the finished product! So far the music video has received official selections or nominations in seven film festivals around the world. I am so honored that my video is playing on a video screen in the beautiful gallery along with 4 other music videos at ArtsWestchester.org as part of the Together APart exhibit until 8/1/21.


A7. “Carousel Girl” – 5 minute music video

Life is complicated, yet this song expresses a person’s wish for simpler uplifting ways as inspired by a carousel, and the song draws parallels between a carousel and life and love, on a personal level and on a societal level.

Music Video (5min10sec) -“Carousel Girl”- QT mov file is 4.2 gigs. Posted to youtube on 2/17/21. __________________________________________________
Song credits: Lyrics-Fran Sisco Melody-Matina Grammas Music produced by Funkee Boy Music (work- for- hire arrangement)
Video Credits: Video produced by Bill Cusano (work-for-hire arrangement), including the use of Videoblocks videos.
Copyright Info: Song- Copyright 2005 Matina Grammas ( music ) and Fran Sisco (lyrics). All rights reserved. Video – Copyright 2020 Matina Grammas and Fran Sisco __________________________________________________
Contact info: Email – FrancisSisco@aol.com __________________________________________________ Song message – Riding on a carousel triggers a girl’s wishes for simplicity, seeing the parallels to life and love, on a personal level and on a societal level. __________________________________________________
Lyrics: (Fran Sisco) : 1a Want to be your carousel girl take you round in my dream world Riding ponies up and down People wave as we go round 2a Could I be your carousel girl Summer dress, hair in curls As the ride ends, we step down Then walk through crowds wearing our crowns 3a – Refrain 1 The music, the clear night , the magic of moonlight Ferris wheels, holding hands it’s all for free Isn’t life simply a carousel journey Going round, up and down Starting again and over again 1b Let me be the carousel girl Whispering to a mixed-up world See how rich your life could be in the simple and the free 2b Want this feeling through the world we’re all just boys, all just girls Riding ponies up and down Lifted spirits all around 3b Refrain 1, Repeat 3a, 4b Refrain 2 – Repeat 3a 5b Want to be your carousel girl.

A8 – “Help Me Pass as a Woman” – 5 minute comedy sketch

Frankie, a mobster who ratted on Big Anthony, tries to go deep undercover in witness protection by becoming a woman, seeking the help of his ex-wife Denise for tips to pass as a woman. Denise guides Frankie (Fran) to walk and talk like a woman in front of gangster Augie D. (Co-written by Fran Sisco and Valentina Ferrante)


Recordings of various Zoom shows with people sharing ideas, talents and feelings during the Coronavirus Crisis,” as per the following web link:


D. “People to People”

– a recording of television show, which has become a type of cult classic, showing everyday people talking proudly about themselves.

Youtube links to shows that aired in 1991 many times on cable TV in Westchester County.

E. Interview of Joe Franklin, national celebrity,

by Fran(k) Sisco, Tom Sullivan and Steve Serwatka on 8/2/2011 in his authentic Times Square office (shown currently in many videos on youtube) and soon to be assembled into a documentary film.  Below is a link to 12 videoclips from the interview, starting with clip #1.

F. “The Past Comes Back”  –

currently in development about an unusual game played by men (in Fran Sisco’s dream) but instead of poker and cards, the game involves boasting about past lives.

Below is a link to Fran Sisco accepting the award for “Best Screenplay – Thriller” at the Cutting Room International Film Festival in October 2019 –

G. Various interviews from the Crisis Help Radio Show (that airs on WVOX 1460 AM). Website link is http://www.CrisisHelpRadioShow.com