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Charities that are participating – Click here!

A. Charitable Activities involving Merchandise –

Note from Fran Sisco – For the 2018 Holiday Season, my daughter Kelly Sisco and I will be giving new merchandise we own to:

(a) charitable organizations such as churches, synagogues, nonprofits that serve special groups such as children, seniors, homeless, LGBTQ, etc.

(b) directly to certain needy individuals (sold at a significant discount)

B. Items for sale – In addition to charitable activities discussed in (A) above, we also sell merchandise to wholesalers, sellers, and direct to consumers at significant discounts. Call Fran Sisco for more info at 914.589.1013.

Below is a sample of the merchandise –  group photos (Ignore any items that are used and may have been inadvertently mixed with the new items). If you are interested, please call me – Thanks,

Fran Sisco – cell 914.589.1013


Kelly and I have a significant record of charitable activities, including:

(1) Kelly – Volunteering for several churches in preparing and delivering food to the homeless and needy, working as an intern in a nonprofit serving the LGBT community, performing with her father at many venues to raise money in charity shows to benefit scores of charities, co-hosting the Crisis Help Radio Show on 1460 FM, nominated in 2017 as Outstanding Millennial in Westchester County

(2) Fran – Serving hundreds of individuals and enterprises to improve their financial situations, serving various nonprofits that served communities as a board member (e.g. women, LGBT individuals), co-hosting the Crisis Help Radio Show on 1460 FM, performing as an active member of the Imperial Court of New York at many venues to raising thousands of dollars in charity shows to benefit scores of charities, helping the transgender community in various locations and winning 2 awards and creating and distributing a short film called “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” that promotes positivity for the trans and LGBT community, winning Best LGBT Documentary at the Cutting Room International Short Film Festival, writing a column called “Life and Money” for seven local newspapers, writing and performing stand-up comedy, songs, and acted scenes that further diversity and inclusion in many communities

Photos of merchandise available for sale or giving to charities:





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Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 12.39.04 PM







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