RB – “Trans Fran Sisco Shows” – In-person and Streaming


“Trans Fran Sisco Show” – “Still The Same Inside” – Variety show comprised of play scenes, original songs, comedy stand-up and skits, mash-up of visual art and fashion show

3 venues:

(1) 4/29/23, Saturday -“The Artist”, City Island, Bronx, 8-10pm, $25 ticket, 45 seats, link ____________

(2) 6/3/23 – Saturday -Ossie Davis Theater, New Rochelle, NY, 2-5pm, $20 suggested donation to nonprofit, 140 seats, link _____________ and

(3) 6/17/23 – Saturday – Pangea, Second Ave, NYC, 9:30-10:45pm, $25 ticket, 70 seats in back cabaret room, link ________________

Overture –  5

This will be a 5 minute film, with the music of the 8 or so songs featured in this show. Songs agreed on so far are: 1. “All Kinds of People” from Episcopal Actors Guild show (seated)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Dttp2HkE3k

1. “All Kinds of People” from  Theater for the New City

2. “You are Who You Are” (Stage 72)

3. “Moonlight Lullaby” – 1 minute collage of clips (Kelly at 10, Janelle Allbritton at Bronxville Women’s Club

Act 1 Song – “All Kinds of People” 2 Theater for the New City>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFhRQNC0nX8&t=94s At Karen’s Barbecue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3WOPpMG-XQ broadway comedy club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzXcCVmpNCc&t=132s Intro by Fran about evening 3 fast stand up jokes/ parodies

5 Song – “You are Who You Are” 3 At Stage 72 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE7eF3ik7pQ&t=162s

Scene from “Once a Boy”- “Frankie and Frankie” 5 At BGE https://youtu.be/Xa-r9ZVl_bs

Scene from “Once a Boy” – “In Broad Daylight”

5 Scene from “Once a Boy” – “Hookers and Dad” 5 At BGE https://youtu.be/FrDqHZ5qWSo

Scene from “Once a Boy” – “”The Baseball Bat” 6 At BGE https://youtu.be/r4fHAiEMoNQ

Monologue – “Oh, to Be Uncreative” 4 At BGE https://youtu.be/6HZrpPxN_VY

Skit – Fran with Bud and Ellie in kitchen 4 At Ossie Davis Theater https://youtu.be/_atOmjL1sp0

Skit inspired by “Once a Boy”- Fran and friend Ang – 5 At 30 Mill Road living room https://youtu.be/SMxxFs_Fcag

Song – “Moonlight Lullanbyl” 3