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Fran Sisco is a very prolific entertainer and creative person spanning many varied fields in the NYC region. Launched like a rocket on 1/1/11 when she transitioned to being a full-time transgender female, Fran has been non-stop and (a) performed in over 200 shows, including cabarets, singing, comedy, variety and sketches (b) acted in plays, films and webseries (c) wrote, directed and produced 2 award-winning documentaries and 3 award-winning music videos of songs she created (d) wrote, directed and produced 3 short plays (e) participated in scores of art shows and exhibits for her paintings and award-winning sculptures (steel and wood). (f) curated, moderated and produced virtual shows on the subjects of kindness, fairness, race, diversity, equity and inclusion (g) founded and co-hosted the 12-year running Crisis Help Radio Show on WVOX 1460AM and http://www.wvox.com, (h) guest and advocate on shows, including cable and internet about gender, sexuality and race (i) frequent speaker and entertainer for non-profits and (j) authored over 100 essays, 200 poems and 100 songs. Fran claims that her expansive and diverse creative accomplishments are in part due to her life’s mix of 2 genders and her many years interacting her strong left-brain (40 years as a CPA and business expert) and her right-brain (insatiable curiosity, creativity, spirituality and love of people).



Interview of Fran Sisco by Mike Marino on his virtual show called “Live from My Mother’s Basement” on 11/___/2021 (about 1.5 hours)


Interview of Fran Sisco by Tanya Cooper of the virtual show called “On the Town with Tanya” via Streamyard and streamed live on youtube and facebook. This show was on Sunday 4/18/21 from 8 to 9:30pm, and was focused on matters concerning DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and the personal experiences of Fran and Tanya.



Interview of Fran Sisco by the leaders of Triversity LGBT Center  –

Wendy Stuart Kaplan and Steven Bloomer Teague – 8/16/20

INTERVIEW REPORT – On Sunday 8/16/20, I was interviewed (one hour from 7pm to 8pm) on “Triversity Talk” by Wendy Stuart Kaplan and Steven Bloomer Teague, and I am so thankful for them and all the viewers and people who shared questions and comments! If was such an amazing experience not only for the opportunity to share so much of my life, transition to full-time female, love of creativity, current and future projects (plays, books, films, etc.) and all of that, but I realized midway through the interview that I will be probably changing the lives of several people watching and listening, for them to begin to live more authentically and honestly and truer to who they truly are. Quite profound. If you participated live or if you watch this recording, please feel free to contact me to explore any of the concepts we discussed, for yourself or for family or friends, or you are interested in any of my projects. And please share this posting with others to help me spread the positive message that life is good, and that through fuller-expression and authenticity can come more joy and love. In addition, I will gladly provide more info about the groups or organizations mentioned during the interview. Triversity LGBT Center, The Imperial Court of New York (icny.org). The Tyler Clementi Foundation (tylerclementi.org). The Brazen Giant Ensemble (BrazenGiantEnsemble.org). Vincent Pastore and his acting classes at HB Studio. Vincent Curatola and his acting classes, Harrison Players (harrisonplayers.org) Not mentioned but important: Femme Fever.  TRU (Theater Resources Unlimited) – truonline.org

xoxo Fran Sisco ‘TriVersity Talk!’ with Fran Sisco!


Interview of Fran Sisco by the founders of “Humanly Possible” – Dawn Endria McCarty and Alyse Price Tobler.

Interview Report – I had the good fortune of being interviewed live on the “Humanly Possible” show (1.5 hours) by Dawn Endria MacCarty and Alyse Price Tobler on Friday 7/24/20, and shown on various channels of the internet. These two kind loving individuals helped me to speak on “Authenticity, Creativity and Full Expression” in such a way that I hope is helpful to others. The show is dedicated to Pepe Cardona (leader of the Alive n’ Kickin’ hit group, with the Gold Record hit song “Tighter Tighter from 1970) to continue his strength in dealing with pancreatic cancer and being the amazing individual he is.
A special thanks to Dawn for all the behind-the-scene work in playing music related to Pepe and my own songs, showing parts of my award-winning films and music vide, samples of my writing, art, and motivational speaking, and giving life to several life-changing stories including as a victim of a hate crime, that led to a powerful cathartic awakening of forgiveness. Also, thanks for the insertion of the video on the LGBTQ+++ acronym. And also thanks to Alyce Lauren for introducing me to Dawan, Alyse and Humanly Possible.
Note – I do not own the rights to “Tighter, Tighter” but I do own the rights to “The Days We Got Left,” “Happy Trans Girl Like Me,” and “Being a Trans Girl.” Posted to Facebook by Fran Sisco xoxo, 7/27/20


Interview of Fran Sisco by the leaders of “Triversity” of Milford, PA – Wendy Stuart Kaplan and Steven Bloomer Teague on 6/19/20 via Streamyard and social media including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Fran Sisco related her story-“How Racism and Judgmentalism Left My System One Special Day” as part of a Triversity Event called “Our Stories, Our Truths” – 6/19/20



“Interview of Fran Sisco by Kathrina Miccio”

Interview article about Fran Sisco that was written on 5/18/20 and published in May 2020 in the IndieFilmOnline.com festival. (written by Kathrina Miccio, director of 3 film festivals)

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Westchester Magazine – 4/1/16,

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“A Dad And Her Daughter” by Amy R. Partridge


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300 word Bio (AS ENTERTAINER FIRST) at 1/3/20 –

(submitted as a cast member for play in February in NYC and as published in the Program guide for “Used,” the play in 2/20.)

Fran Sisco is an award-winning entertainer, actor, writer and artist, and transgender female advocate. Her community theater stage work includes roles in the musical “Mame” with Harrison Players, showcase presentation scenes and workshops with Axial Theatre, Ossie Davis Theatre, and with the Brazen Giant Ensemble at Players Theatre. Fran has sharpened her acting skills via intensive acting classes and workshops with Vincent Pastore and Maureen VanZandt at HB Studios and Vince Curatola in Nyack, as well as playwriting workshops. Fran has appeared in over 100 cabaret and comedy shows, including as a member of The Imperial Court of New York, and in IMDb award-winning short films (“Happy Trans Girl Like Me,” “Being a Trans Girl,” “Awakening Arlene”) and an MNN comedy sketch show. Fran’s two short documentary films and screenplay called “The Past Comes Back” has received awards and critical acclaim. Her autobiographical play-in-development is “Once a Boy” for which over 20 scenes have been performed in workshops and theaters, particularly in development at the Brazen Giant Ensemble. Fran has written or co-written over 300 songs and poems, many published, and essays as a published columnist in a syndicate of eight community newspapers. Fran’s long-running “Crisis Help Radio Show” on WVOX 1460 AM has included interviews with scores of guests from the entertainment fields from around the world. She is also a painter and sculptor with awards for two sculpture pieces. Fran attributes her varied creative skills to (a) being very intellectually curious (b) her life in two genders that has provided an unusual life perspective (c) her understanding of characters and scenes via extensive business experiences, gained by serving literally thousands of clients over the years as their trusted CPA and financial advisor and (d) being blessed with extraordinary opportunities to learn and grow. Fran’s social media includes http://www.TransFranSisco.com and http://www.Facebook.com/FrancisSisco.



(submitted in 5/20 for the “SEE Me” virtual art exhibit (with 3 accepted pieces) as a member of the New Rochelle Council On the Arts.

Fran Sisco is a Left-brain & Right-Brain transgender female creative, spanning several disciplines for over 50 years, with many productions in the last 10 years related to her experiences in her transition to full-time female, including as a:

(a) writer (films, plays including “Once a Boy”, songs, poems, essays, comedy sketches and jokes for stand-up comedy, books),

(b) artist (with over 10 of her paintings, wood sculptures and steel sculptures that have been featured in many art shows and galleries, winning awards) including several showing several aspects of trans life including self-expression, transgender colors, diversity, inclusion, variety, and the growth of the transgender movement,

(c) singer-songwriter performing scores of her own songs and poems including “Happy Trans Girl Like Me,” “Being a Trans Girl,” and “Aging Trans Girl Blues,” all relating to the joys and self-expression about being a trans girl,

(d) filmmaker of two award-winning IMDb-festival documentaries “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” and “Being a Trans Girl,” showing the exhilaration, happiness and community spirit of the LGBTQ movement in particular, joys through singing, diversity of New York and the NYC Pride Parade, and

(e) actor appearing as a transgender female individual in films listed above and “Awakening Arlene,” “Invisible,” “100% Comedy Sketch Show,” and plays/musicals including “Mame” (Harrison, NY) and “Used” (NY Theatre Festival), and

(f) radio talk show host of “Crisis Help Show” including WVOX (12 years) and internet based programs, often with interview shows about dealing effectively with stress and crisis.

Fran lives in New Rochelle, NY with her daughter Kelly and Kelly’s boyfriend Arturo, and a graduate of Iona College, cum laude. Fran is a CPA and financial advisor with over 100 current clients.


BRIEF BIO – On 12/8/17, Fran Sisco received “The Sue Fitzsimons award for Talent and Perserverance” and at the fundraiser in Teaneck, NJ, the event’s program including the following brief bio:

Fran Sisco enjoys living what some may think is a very varied hurried life. She juggles handling the financial needs of about 100 clients as their CPA and financial advisor, with her non-stop schedule of songwriting, performance, stand-up comedy, art and working with several non-profit organizations.  Fran began her career at Price Waterhouse serving companies of all sizes throughout the United States, and sometimes traveling to distant places like Europe and Algeria, but then focused on personal financial planning serving individuals and small businesses. Always in love with writing poetry and creating songs, Fran took to the stages of comedy clubs and other venues to better express her new life as a transgender woman starting on 1/1/11, through stand-up comedy, original songs, parodies and dance. Her crazy life will be featured in her upcoming book “Left-Brain, Right-Brain and the Soul.”


Overview – Fran Sisco has begun a second life six years ago on 1/1/11 when “she” decided to live full-time as a female and pursue a life-long dream. At the same time, Fran knew that she needed to better explore and utilize her creative/sensitive/relationship side (her right-brain) yet still serve clients with her analytical, detailed and organized skills (her left brain.) What has transpired since has been that Fran intensified each side, and perhaps more importantly has integrated both sides into a more balanced, integrated, powerful whole! Her personal breakthroughs in living more passionately and productively have been so remarkable that she researched how to share the good news with others and how to use these integrated skills to help people shape not only their financial lives but their total lives. See the tab on this site for information about her new self-published book called “Left-Brain, Right-Brain and the Soul.”

Fran considers her right-brain abilities and activities as a speaker, comedian, singer-songwriter, author, painter, entertainer and inventor as important not only in her life but helpful to clients as her being a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for over 30 years (once manager at Price Waterhouse, PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) which helped her to develop HFS, AEP (Accredited Estate Planner), investment expert (once held Series 7, 24, 63 and 65 licenses during her employment in large broker-dealers including Prudential-Bache, Nathan & Lewis, Walnut Street Securities, Cetera Networks Advisors), principal of a Registered Investment Adviser corporation, licensed insurance agent, manager of several small businesses including retail businesses and inventor of various products and services including (1) Captionized Video System (patent applied but not issued), (2) Rummikub 500 board game (co-invented with Larry Greenberg) manufactured by Pressman Toy Corporation and winner of Games Magazine’s “Family Game of the Year” in , and (3) Ledge Fund Investing System (provisional patent applied but expired).

Affiliiations – Fran Sisco has an extensive network of associates, colleagues and other professionals, making it possible for her to be very involved in a myriad of services and activities.  Fran is currently active with the following organizations: (1) as a member of the board of directors of the LOFT LGBT Community Services Center in White Plains, NY (www.loftgaycenter.org) (2) as an active member and performer with The Imperial Court of NY (a charity fundraising and performance nonprofit) (3) as a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church in New Rochelle, NY  (3) as a member of the (a) American Institute of CPAs, (b) National Association of Estate Planners, (c) Estate Planning Council of Westchester County, NY, (d) The American Society Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for certain created songs with music and lyrics (e) The Poetry Caravan in Westchester County.  (e) co-host of the “Crisis Help Radio Show” on WVOX 1460AM and http://www.wvox.com worldwide. Fran’s registered investment advisory corporation (since 1995) is called Financial Management Corporation.

Fran’s prior affiliations include: (1) a co-manager of the Westchester Writers Roundtable, (2) active participant in the Poetry Caravan (3) active member of the vestry of St. John’s Episcopal Church in New Rochelle, NY (4) member of chambers of commerce in New Rochelle, NY and Tuckahoe, NY (5) columnist for 2 syndicated local newspaper chains, writing a long-running column called “Life and Money” in a personal narrative style (6) undergraduate of Iona College in New Rochelle, cum laude and recipient of a special accountancy award for excellence.

Personal – Fran is married with one daughter and lives in New Rochelle, NY.  Fran Sisco enjoys writing, creating, performing, comedy, singing-songwriting, inventing and volunteering in various nonprofits.


Published Essay about Fran and her daughter Kelly –

Below is a link to an essay called “A Dad and Her Daughter” that was published in the April 2016 issue of the popular well-respected glossy “Westchester Magazine.”

A Dad And Her Daughter




Bio done on 8/14/18 for E.M in advance of New Orleans tour: