MIX OF LEFT-BRAIN & RIGHT-BRAIN STUFF (Book,Film, Seminars,Motivational Speaking,Etc.)

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A. Trans Fran Sisco – Left brain, right brain and the soul

The book will contain essays, poems, songs, stories, how-to guide called “Dollars From Heaven,” and much more.

A sample essay is “On Transitioning” that appeared in the January 2019 issue of the Mount Vernon Post on page 20. Below is an image.  Contact Fran Sisco if you want her to send you a printed copy.



B. LB/RB – Motivational Speaking

C. Award-winning short film (17-minutes) called “Happy Trans Girl Like Me.”

At the IMDb-qualified Cutting Room International Short Film Festival, Fran Sisco won Best LGBT Documentary on 10/21/18. Below are youtube clips from her acceptance speech and a video version of the film.

1.Acceptance speech by Fran (with festival director Kathrina Miccio) (missing first few comments) on 10/21/18

2. Interview (before winning the next day) of Fran by Joe Wooley, award-winning filmmaker and motivational speaker, and media expert on 10/20/18:

3. Video of the 17-minute award winning film called “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” tht includes the original song of the same name. Copyright 2018 Fran Sisco

D. LB/RB – Fran Sisco Seminars and Motivational Talks

D1 – Fran Sisco-Motivational talk at Transgender Day of Remembrance on 11/23/19 at Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church, Bloomfield, NJ


D2 – Fran Sisco Baseball Bat Story (Assault) -Mamaroneck United Methodist Church -9/16/18 (18 minutes)