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 Fran Sisco’s Financial Flyer for Saving Money and Taxes – December 2017 – Vol.2 No.1  
“Holistic Financial Plans” – with Financial Snapshots, Family Profile, Risk Review Report Card, Storytelling, etc.)
NOT YET – Book – “Left-brain, Right Brain and the Soul”
Tax preparation (for individuals and small businesses) Comedy (with calendar of Fran’s shows) Image_SmileForComedyIcon
Insurance and annuities (Save costs, improve coverage) Singing and music      Image_SingingAndMusic
Investment allocation and planning (second opinions, increase income, better protection)
Acting, scripts, television, film, video  Image_ActingIcon
Business consulting (purchases, sales, reorganizations, startup, expansion, organization forms)
Radio shows   Image_FroRadio_Microphone_FromSeniorMusingsWenbsite
Retirement, new career, relocation
Marketing, Internet video, domain names                                                                                  Image_ForInternetMarketing
Estate review / family planning  

NOT YET – Items for sale                  
Financial seminars, speeches, workshops
NOT YET – Non-financial seminars, speeches, workshops
Other services
Paintings & sculpture    Image_PaintingAndDrawingImage_Sculpture 
  Other activities      image_boxIndicatingMisc