Left-brain Services: Right-brain Activities:
“Holistic Financial Plans” – with Financial Snapshots, Family Profile, Risk Review Report Card, Storytelling, etc.)

>>> Financial Flyer – 6 pages of ideas for saving money and taxes

NOT YET – Book – “Left-brain, Right Brain and the Soul”
Tax preparation (for individuals and small businesses)

>>> Info about the New Tax Act, including flyers about seminars and tax strategies>>>
>>> Forms for taxpayers to complete – An important way to make sure your taxes are completely properly and that you are saving as much as possible is to complete my Instructions checklist and complete the pertinent sections of my 11-page Organizer Forms (obtained from Quickfinder). Click here for the page with this info for you to download and/or print, and then get to me by regular mail or email.
Comedy (with calendar of Fran’s shows) Image_SmileForComedyIcon
Insurance and annuities (Save costs, improve coverage) Singing and music      Image_SingingAndMusic
Investment allocation and planning (second opinions, increase income, better protection)
Acting, scripts, television, film, video  Image_ActingIcon
Business consulting (purchases, sales, reorganizations, startup, expansion, organization forms)
Radio shows   Image_FroRadio_Microphone_FromSeniorMusingsWenbsite
Retirement, new career, relocation
Marketing, Internet video, domain names                                                                                  Image_ForInternetMarketing
Estate review / family planning  

NOT YET – Items for sale                  
Financial seminars, speeches, workshops
Motivational Speaking
Other services
Paintings & sculpture    Image_PaintingAndDrawingImage_Sculpture 
  Other activities      image_boxIndicatingMisc