LB/RB – Motivational Speaking

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Fran Sisco – Motivational Speaker

Especially in the last 26 years, Fran Sisco has been influencing people on ways to help them in their quest for “happiness” and attainment of their goals, which often includes (a) becoming independent and secure (b) enhancing their ability to bring their ideas into reality (c) handling the many varied challenges of life, including crisis and stress and (d) establishing a feeling of belonging, responsibility, purpose and self-worth among family, friends and community. Fran believes that, as a result of her vary varied, unique, and unusual life experience to call upon, she is able to significantly help people in this process, through a variety of communication and advisory methods including (a) one-on-one interactions and meetings, (b) group workshops and seminars and panels, (c) performances (using comedy, singing and dancing, variety shows, theatrical performances) and writings on the topics (d) interpersonal and business ventures and projects (e) social media and internet, especially video marketing and presence (f) non-profit events including a speech about violence at Healing Space in Hackensack, NJ (11/18) and as part of the Alternatives to Violence Project at a Mamaroneck, NY church (9/18) and (g) media including film, radio, internet, cable TV, and print. Fran’s award-winning short 17-minute film (Best LGBT Documentary, awarded 10/21/18 at the Cutting Room International Film Festival, NYC) discusses the joys and positive aspects about being a transgender woman. Fran’s upcoming 1,300-page self-published book provides research and background on her thesis that a person can get “happier, more fulfilled, and even more spiritual” when the person intensifies and then integrates their Left-Brain (analytical, linear, detailed, present-based skills like those of an engineer, accountant, lawyer, teacher or doctor) with their Right-brain (creative, lateral, broad, future-based, relationship-oriented skills like those of singer-songwriter, salesperson, novelist, visual artist, entertainer, filmmaker). Please review the website pages at for examples of each of these points. Not only was it Fran’s varied business background but also her experience of transitioning from male to full-time transgender female on 1/1/11 that has enabled Fran to understand people and become more effective with them.

Motivational Speaking Challenge – Fran Sisco is seeking to broaden her reach by speaking at many more events, including with as few as 5 attendees, and in larger venues with as many as 500 attendees. If you want to help her to arrange such events, please contact Fran Sisco by email to or calling 914.589.1013. Perhaps you would like to participate in the event too.

Fran’s messages appeal to all kinds of people, especially those about to undergo a major transition in their life (e.g. new business, change in career, going into or out of retirement, those facing a crisis or a need to make important changes, disruptions in their business, lifestyle and relationships. In addition to her Left-brain / Right/brain focus, Fran has identified six important strategies for dealing with change – 1. Reach out to others and share your challenge, 2. Find the silver lining in an adverse development, for often there is opportunity right alongside crisis, 3. Explore ways to use a creative path forward, 4. Seek more balance, 5. Become more giving and compassionate even when times are difficult, and 6. Make the words of the “Prayer of St. Francis” and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Success” have real meaning and ever-present application in your life.