RB – Paintings and sculpture

My Artistic Mission Statement

During a Zoom professional development workshop with Stacy Miller at the Pelham Art Center (9/16/20), Stacy suggested that my social justice work might very well be part of my artistic mission statement. I thought of my several disciplines (films, writings, songs, art, etc.) and how they all seem to connect, and here is what I came up with, at least for now:
“To cast out my true self artistically and freely, and then grow from people’s engagement and collaboration. Social justice. Inclusiveness. Diversity. Personal Truth.”

Art calendar

Upcoming events – (chronological)

Not yet posted. See Facebook (under Francis Sisco) for announcements.
Some prior events: (by location)
Approx 6/20 – Virtual exhibit called “See Me” by New Rochelle Council on the Arts, in which I had one painting (Trans-carnation) and 2 sculptures (“The Blessing of Trans Unicorns” wood sculpture (28′ wide X  6′ hight) and “Trans-formation,” steel sculpture (36″ tall)
Saturday 2/23/20, 12 noon to 4pm – At LaVie Galerie, Opening reception of art show called “All About Love” at 106 Naylon Avenue, Livingston, NJ (My work on display – Large wood sculpture called “Blessing of Trans Unicorns” and acrylic painting called “Perspective,” and 2 pieces of Kelly Sisco called “Razzle Dazzle” and “It Can Only Be Said in the Comics”
“Beaux Art Exhibit” at White Plains Woman’s Club, White Plains, NY on _______________ (Honorable mention ribbon award)
Churches including Gloria Church and St Paul’s Lutheran Church, New Milford, NJ on ______ and Teaneck NY on ________ and _________
New Rochelle Council on the Arts – shows at New Rochelle Public Library on ________ and _________ and _________
New Rochelle Rotunda at City Hall Art Exhibits on __________ and _________ and ________
New Rochelle Arts Fest and Fairs on ________ and __________ and _____
The LOFT LGBT Center, White Plains, NY on ____ and __________
ARC Westchester – on __________ and _________ and ____________
Bronxville Women’s Club, Bronxville, NY – Several events including ________ and _________ and _________ and __________
Senior 55+ “Speeder Art Show” at Bronxville Library Bronxville, NY- Several shows on 9/30/17 and _________ and _________
LaVie Galerie art exhibit – on _______ and __________ and __________

Black Line

New item to 8/15/20 – Wood sculpture called “Unity”

ART ALERT – Posting #1 – VIDEO – My large (12 feet tall) wood sculpture called “Unity” (as a tribute to the current efforts for peace and harmony) is nearly completed. There are four main “branches” of aspects of a person – (1) race – showing the 5 colors of red, yellow, black, white and brown (2) nature (natural physical components) as represented by brown (ground), green (grass, trees), blue/green (seas, rivers, oceans), blue (sky), white (clouds), and yellow (sun). (3) sexuality, gender, and gender expression as represented by the LGBTQ colors (Vivid Red (#FF0018), Deep Saffron (#FFA52C), Maximum Yellow (#FFFF41), Green (#008018), Blue (#0000F9) and Philippine Violet (#86007D).) and the Transgender colors (soft pink, baby blue and white) (4) spirituality, which is currently white and is yet to be painted to signify the more intangible spiritual-related aspects of a person (I hope to get drawings, sketches, and painting help in this part of the project). I am looking for churches and businesses that I can install replicas of this sculpture as a way to attract attention to the concept of Unity, as a way toward greater peace and harmony. Please email me your comments at FrancisSisco@aol.com xoxo Fran Sisco, posted 8/15/20




Title: – “The Luck Tree”

By: Fran Sisco – Copyright 2018 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Painting (Acrylic – 24″ x 36″)
Price – $1,700 for limited edition replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Note from artist – The acrylic painting called “ The Luck Tree,” is of the Luck Tree in my front yard. The painting was exhibited at the Bronxville Public Library for inclusion in the “Speeder (over 55)” art show with an open reception on Sunday 9/23/18 through 10/27/18. For more info, please contact Fran Sisco via email at FrancisSisco@aol.com, or via facebook message st Francis Sisco, or via her website at www.TransFranSisco.com.
Price info:
(1) Original 24″ x 36″ (3/4 inch thick) without “Luck Guarantee”- Not for sale.
(2) Numbered 24” x “ 36” print-on-canvas (1.5 inches think) without “Luck Guarantee” – $1,350.
(3) Numbered 24” x “ 36” print-on-canvas (1.5 inches think) WITH “Luck Guarantee” – $1,700  The Luck Guarantee is that the buyer, if desires, will get a full refund within 30 days for the return (undamaged) of the item if the buyer does not believe that the piece brought “contagious luck” related to to luck experienced with a full-size actual Luck Tree.  Background story is that according to certain customs, mainly Native American, and in particular – Cherokee, if the branches cut from a tree in not good health are removed or reused by leaning the branches (after painting and decorated) against the tree, then the tree will regain good health and significant luck will be bestowed (perhaps by nature) on the owners of the adjoining property.
Shown on Saturday 9/30/17 – At Bronxville Public Library


Black Line

Title: – “One Night in September 1989”

By: Fran Sisco – Copyright 2018 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Painting (Acrylic – 24″ x 36″)
Price – $1,800 for limited edition replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Note from Artist – This acrylic was made from a print-on-canvas of a drawing/painting made by Fran Sisco and Kelly Sisco on 9/20/1989 (when Kelly was 5 years old)


Black LineTitle: “Trans-carnation”

By: Fran Sisco (Date: 9/10/17) Copyright 2017 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Painting (Acrylic – 24″ x 36″)
Price – $950 for numbered replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Artist’s statement: “Trans-carnation” is an acrylic 24″ X 36″ painting created by Fran Sisco that uses the transgender colors of soft pink, baby blue and white to illustrate an aspect of her being a transgender woman.  She feels as if she is “reincarnated” as a new person with an interesting blend of masculine (blue) and feminine (pink) and in-between (white). Furthermore, she feels that her self-respect enables her stand tall in a field of other carnations, shown here split mostly male on the left and female on the right with a few crossovers. Fran hopes her piece is a positive message for viewers to see that it is okay to express your true self.

Black Line

Title: “Transition”

By: Fran Sisco (Date: 9/7/12) Copyright 2012 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Painting (Acrylic – 24″ x 36″)
Price – $3,200 for numbered replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Artist’s statement – Transition is part of all our lives and should be embraced. This acrylic abstract 24″ X 36″ piece was created by Fran Sisco to explain visually her concurrent transitions: (1) from male to female and (2) from left-brain focused (analytical and structured) to right-brain focused (creative and intuitive). The art uses images to show these transitions, with her world going from confused in the valley, then in a flow from the left side (standardized, organized, boxy), up toward the top with her world becoming upside down, and then down the right side (spiritual, passionate, sensitive), while in the middle is the display of male on one side of a curved door to female on the other side, with the female persona getting enlarged. Celebrate your transitions!

Transition Painting.jpg

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Title: “The Soul”

By: Fran Sisco (Date: 3/29/15) Copyright 2015 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Painting (Acrylic – 24″ x 36″)
Price – $2,800 for numbered replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Artist’s statement:  “Soul” is a 24″ X 36″ acrylic painting that showcases a diversity of colors, shapes and relationships that may be presented in one’s life, influencing a heightened expression of love for life and fulfillment of the soul (e.g. emotions of joy, sorrow, ascension, fluidity, organization, vivid, stark, background), in effect that magnificence of the soul.

The Soul Painting.jpg

Black Line

Title: “Perspective”

By: Fran Sisco (Date: 3/15/15) Copyright 2015 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Painting (Acrylic – 30″ x 40″)
Price – $3,100 for numbered replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Artist’s statement: “Perspective” is a 30″ X 40″” acrylic painting, in which I tried to capture the universality that emanates from the particularity of a commonplace scene – in this case a piano in the corner of a living room, and the many inferences that could be drawn from the detail. In addition, I experimented with additional insights that could be gained from “tilting” the perspective of part of the scene, in this case showing the sliding door as if it wrapped further away from the scene instead of closer into the scene. Was it to push away the nature existing outside door or to pull it in by presenting a tilted perspective that catches attention? Perhaps, the concepts of music, creativity and life enjoyment of family that are shown in the scene are tied to archetypal elements of nature or maybe in ways not fuller understood or apparent to us?

Perspective Painting

Black Line

Title: “Silver Linings”

By: Fran Sisco (Date: 3/31/17) Copyright 2017 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Painting (Acrylic – 30″ x 40″)
Price – $950 for numbered replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Artist’s statement: “Silver Linings is a 30″ x 40” Acrylic painting that conveys multiple messages, including (1) life has many paths, some perplexing and some traditional, some old and some new (2) light is provided by multiple sources and (3) when there are clouds or rain or rocky times, there is always “silver linings” that often are not realized until much later.

Silver Linnings Paintings

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Title: “All Kinds of People”

By: Fran Sisco (Date: circa 1975) Copyright 1975 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Collage – 30″ x 40″
Price – $950 for numbered replica.  Original – Not for sale.
All Kinds of People Collage.jpg

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Title: “Kelly”

By: Fran Sisco (Date: 4/29/85) Copyright 1985 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved
Price – $750 for numbered replica.  Original – Not for sale.
Exhibit – Bronxville Seniors Speeder (55+) show at Bronxville Library in 10/19





A. Wood sculptures

SUMMARY (made 4/24/20) – 


“The Blessing of Trans Unicorns” –

By Fran Sisco – Cell 914.589.1013, http://www.TransFranSisco.com, Copyright 2019 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved.
“Blessing of Trans Unicorns” is a three-piece wood sculpture, designed and made by Fran Sisco, with dying branches cut from large trees on her property, that were assembled, tee-pee style, fastened at the top with simple zip ties.
Each piece has been painted with the transgender colors of soft pink, baby blue and white, and is said to resemble the thin unsteady legs of a young four-legged animal just getting on their feet, perhaps here as a giraffe, a deer and a zebra. So too, the trans movement is just getting on its feet, but the unity of three helps it along as it gathers strength and momentum. The term for a group of unicorns is not a team, tower, herd or pride but rather a “blessing.” Ironically this term is used by some as the state the trans person’s “magical” self-expression brings to those around him, her or them – a blessing!
Indoor display at White Plains Woman’s Club at the Beaux Arts Exhibit on _____________

1_Photo_FranSiscoWithBlessingOfTransUnicorns_WomansClubOfWhiteplainsNY_102119 copy


The above photo with a black background (done by close friend Kathrina Miccio, artist on 5/9/20)



Outdoor display at Fran Sisco’s home at 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804


“Charity Christmas Tree” –

Outdoor display at Fran Sisco’s home at 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804
Lighted tree in December 2019 –


Unlighted tree in December 2019 –


“Two In Love” –

Outdoor display at Fran Sisco’s home at 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804
ART ALERT! – I completed Stage 1 of the newest Fran Sisco Wood Sculpture, this one is called “Two In Love” in honor of Valentines Day. Stage 2 will involve painting the limbs with Valentine colors of white, red, pink, lavender/purple. Stage 3 will involve a natural ornament on top, perhaps a wooden Cupid’s Arrow. Stage 4 will involve various ornamental designs on the limbs, and possibly lighting and other features. One white limb is reserved for lovers to write three words summarizing the attributes they most love about their sweetheart. When finished, the two-piece sculpture will be displayed at the beautiful and spacious LaVie Galerie LLC at 106 Naylon Avenue, in Livingston, NJ. The Opening Reception is Sunday, February 23rd from 12 – 4 pm. xoxo Fran Sisco, posted 2/2/20


ART ALERT posted and updated  2/21/20 – Fran Sisco’s wood sculpture called “Two in Love – Valentine Unicorns” was installed at night on 2/16/20 on the front lawn at LaVie Galerie (106 Naylon Avenue, Livingston NJ) as part of the “ALL ABOUT LOVE” exhibit, with the reception at noon to 4pm on Sunday 2/23/20.
xoxo Fran Sisco (shown here with my daughter Kelly who has 2 pieces in the exhibit), reposted here on 2/21/20

Artist Statement (as edited by Lester Blum) – Fran Sisco’s wood sculpture called “Two in Love – Valentine Unicorns” illustrates the love of two people – next to each other, sharing the same space, having the same colors of love – lavender, pink, red, and white – in different designs and combinations.  They rise together in hope, entwined at the top being held together simply by their love.  Each unit has four legs representing the beautiful yet unsteady legs of a young unicorn but stabilized by the unity at the top thus not requiring any staking at the bottom.

If one carefully views each leg of one unit, one would see a parallel leg on the other unit.  The artist believes that this geometric phenomenon endows the sculpture with an intrinsic beauty onto itself.  The overall message is that two in love can be similar in appearance and thinking while at the same time being different thus creating a unity.

Physical info and price –
The construction is dead limbs of trees, painting with water-base high gloss Benjamin Moore paint, with plastic zip ties at the top. Extra effort was taken for repurposing and simplicity. The dimensions of the two sections making up the sculpture is approximately 8 feet wide X 6 feet tall. The sculpture is priced at $2,650. (Certain interested buyers may be able to “rent” the sculpture for a monthly fee of $450, depending on exposure.)

Contact info fo Fran Sisco, email contact FrancisSisco@aol.com
Artist webpage – https://transfransisco.wordpress.com/rb-paintings-and-scul…/

The premiere showing of this sculpture is at the beautiful LaVie Galerie, located at 106 Naylon Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039, with an opening reception on Sunday 2/23/20 from noon to 4pm.

In February 2020 (before painting with the love/valentine colors of pink, white, red and lavender


Original – before painting.



“My Kelly” – Wood sculpture in various greens and designs, named for Fran Sisco’s daughter Kelly who is tall in self-esteem and intellect and talent but only 5′ tall, who is half -Irish (from her mother’s side) and thus identifies with green, and who is related to spring because of being born on April 22nd (which in 1984 also had the springtime double coincidence that year of being Earth Day and being Easter, perhaps the most important day on the calendar.>



“The Luck Tree” –




B. Steel sculptures

“Trans-formation” – 

steel-sclupture large images


The above photo with a black background (done by close friend Kathrina Miccio, artist on 5/9/20)



steel-ribbon-smaller images


“Ribbons in the Sky”

Designed by Fran Sisco in 2016
Design for a 40′ high steel sculpture for a LGBT Memorial
Fran Sisco’s innovative design for a 40-foot tall LGBT Memorial to be built adjacent the Hudson River in Greenwich Village, NY, at about 12 Street. The sculpture is made of 6 steel “ribbons” that are one foot wide and 1/2 inch thick. David Kindrick did the below 3-D rendering of Fran Sisco’s sketch and drawings. For more info, please contact Fran via phone at: 914.589.1013

3-D Rendering Fran Sisco

                                 “Ribbons in the Sky” Sketch for NYS LGBT Memorial by Fran Sisco that was
                                                              used in creating the 3-dimension sketch
                                                        Copyright 2016 Fran Sisco.  All Rights Reserved
                                                                    Date Added to Website: 11/12/16

lgbtmemorial_fransiscosketch3__111216Black Line

Prior shows:

Art and Pride alert – Fran Sisco’s sculptures and paintings will be on display for sale (a portion of the proceeds to go to the LOFT) at the LOFT’S Pride Fest from 12noon to 5pm on Saturday 6/3/17 in White Plains, NY, .  Watch Fran’s short video and see the photos for more info, and see the LOFT Flyer and go to http://www.loftgaycenter.org for more info.  Also, visit http://www.TransFranSisco.com for more info about Fran’s artwork, or contact her at FrancisSisco@aol.com.
For photos, see the end of this page.

The following photos relate to the video show at the top of this page:

date______ Bronxville Women’s Club – Beaux Arts Finale

date______ Bronxville Women’s Club – Beaux Arts exhibit

date______ New Rochelle Public Library – Annual art exhibit of the New Rochelle Council of the Arts

date______ New Rochelle City Hall Rotunda – Special art exhibit