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Selected video clips of comedy:

AA – (Below) –  Stand-up comedy set by Trans Fran Sisco at The Stand (located at 239 Third Avenue, between 19th and 20th Streets, NYC 10010) for the Laughing Buddha Comedy show on 10/16/17 at 7pm, that featured Janeane Garofolo at the beginning and a surprise appearance by Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live at the end, with over 10 very funny comedians in-between including Jeff Lawrence, LBC owner. Patrick was emcee. For more info, contact Fran Sisco by email at FrancisSisco@aol.com, or via facebook at francis sisco, or via her website at http://www.TransFranSiscoComedy.com
Copyright 2017 Fran Sisco. All rights reserved. Video taken by representative of LaughingBuddhaComedy and given for free to Fran Sisco via email of Vimeo link.

(Received mp4 Video via 101917 and 102517 emails via Vimeo _MediumVideo 143201 1280X720 From Video@LaughingBuddhaComedy.com


A – (Below) – Fran Sisco at Caroline’s On Broadway (1626 Broadway, NY, NY 10019) in the Trans Talk Live! show. – Stand-up comedy. (Also participated on the Trans Talk panel of 4 experts, and received the first Trans Talk Community Outreach Award.

B –  (Below) – Fran Sisco at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club (NYC) – 3/23/17 – Stand-up comedy and singing original song co-written with Leigh Harrison.  Blues arrangement by Frank Pisani. Copyright 2013 Leigh Harrison and Fran Sisco.

C-  (Below) – Fran Sisco Comedy in “Big Comedy Show” at Broadway Comedy Club (NYC) on 5/6/17.

D –  (Below) – Trans Fran Sisco Stand-up Comedy at The Stonewall Inn on 9/8/16
(part of Imperial Court of NY Royal Variety Show, to benefit two LGBT youth organizations Introduced by the hostess Elia.


Link to videos of videos related to singing, music, dancing etc. (click the below link):