RB- “FutureDollars.com Corporation” (FDC) – (Including video and audio clips from films, plays, scripts, performances and other material, etc.)

Overview –

FDC is a for-profit company that seeks to (a) create, (b) present (often theatrically) and (c) disseminate material and information, which may further important humAn values, while being entertaining and informative. Some of these values include kindness, fairness, diversity, equity, inclusion, honesty, integrity, benevolence, creativity, artistry, humor, empathy, and many others. The methods used by FDC include creations usually associated with the world of entertainment, namely plays, films, television, concerts, live events, broadcasts, virtual events, conferences, exhibits, readings of books and poems related writings, and many others In the realm of plays and films, FDC is interested in new trends involving a confluence of theater and cinema, and of in-person and virtual. FDC does use, and seeks to advance, various modes of performance and communication. Live theater remains a very important tool, and can be made even more powerful through incorporating other augmenting methods. One simple example is for a play to be presented to a live audience in the theater, concurrently streaming it to a virtual audience watching it, say, in their homes, and then making a film of the video footage and audio recordings and showing it in movie theaters, even larger venues, smaller venues with interactive audiences. Thus a single experience, namely the play, is not only experienced that one time in that one theater in that one way, but rather is all that plus many other ways it is experienced, now and into the future. A related benefit is the greater possible revenue can lead to better initial productions, more talented casts, sharper writing and editing.


Special notices – (1) ALERT – GRANT APPROVED –  I received a letter dated 12/9/22 from Westchester County Executive, George Latimer that my company “FutureDollars.com Corporation has been approved by the Selection Committee fo a grant for up to $10,000 on a reimbursement basis, with a Grant Agreement and related documentation (to be completed) from Community Capital by 1/23/23. (2) ALERT – “MINORITY AND WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE” – I am very happy to report that on 10/26/22 I was told by a Westchester County representative one of my corporations (“FutureDollars.com Corporation) is now officially registered as a M/WBE (Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise). I was told I will soon receive a logo that I could use.

This registration will facilitate several grants for arts productions including visual arts, theatrical arts, playwriting and filmmaking and other projects. Very exciting!


Fran Sisco



“The Art of Being Trans” – Click here for compilation video (1 hour, 31 minutes) for excerpts of various films, plays, scripts, performances and other material, etc.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoQa31Z-Bn4

Wherewithal of FDC –

As with many companies, especially today, financial resources are not abundant. However, FDC’s founder and president, Fran Sisco, has signIficant relationships with many individuals and companies over a 40+ year career as a CPA, financial advisor, Personal Financial Specialist, Accredited Estate Planner, owners of several businesses including internet marketing, video marketing, retail stores, and can tap that network often for funding of projects or work that leads to fees that leads to funds that could be used on projects, including plays, films, shows, etc. In addition, FDC has a structure in place to handle creating, writing, performing, and distributing art such as plays, films, songs etc. including payroll systems (e.g. ADP), insurance including liability, workers compensation, short-term disability and family leave. This structure can be reassuring to candidate directors, producers, actors, staff, etc.

Compliance –

The corporation has filed income tax returns since 1999. Has contracts with various creative people over various intellectual properties such as plays, films, songs, drawings, art, inventions, methods of doing business, books, essays, poems etc., all have copyrights and some are registered.


Confluence -(Confluence means a flowing together. In a literal sense, it’s about rivers. But it’s more often used to talk about the coming together of factors or ideas,) Others may use the term “convergence.”

There are scores of examples around us of this confluence, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic required an adaptation to more restrictive space and interactions, although the following is a list of just FDC productions:

  1. -“It’s an Italian Thing! No, It’s a Black Thing.” –

The guts of it is a DEI comedy, with dramatic parts, presented as a play (50 minute run time with 10 characters. Following the play is a 30 minute Q&A and talkback that delves into the many controversial issues involving race, gender, sexuality, nationality, age, ability, etc. When it was presented at EAG’s Guild Hall on 10/1/21 and 10/2/21, it was also streamed, and the Q&A and talkback was quite engaging, with very positive feedback. That performance was a “workshop performance” of the play having 3 scenes focused on the dilemma and anxiety of Frankie (trans female in her 60s) about to meet the mother of Frankie’s serious girlfriend (Tanasia) who is a pansexual Black female just 50 years old, and all the related phobias, jokes, differences, etc. After that performance, as planned, the play was extended to add an important Scene 4, in which Frankie’s mother (Carmela) and Aunt Sophie try to convince Frankie to end the relationship with Tanasia now, and not go forward, because in their opinion it will not work due to the differences in race, age, gender and sexuality. The next step is to cast, act, perform and film Scene 4 and changes to Scene 1, and to continue to explore various venues to put the story up as a play, and then use the film to promote and possibly use as a proof of concept for the story to be a sitcom series on television. The 44-page script to day has received _____ nominations as finalist etc and __ as winner of Best Script in various film festivals.

Example 1 – video of rehearsal via zoom at EAG Actors Night –


Example 2 – See the youtube clip included in the Compilation Video “The Art of Being Trans” at the following time log: 28:40-36:07


Example 2A – Video of rehearsal at Brazen Giant Ensemble – Beginning of Scene 1 – 6/23/22


Example 3- Video of rehearsal at Vincent Pastore’s Acting Workshop at HB Studio, NYC, on 4/19/22 (below)


Example – Reading of the first part of Scene 4 by Fran Sisco (as Frankie) and Melissa Skirboll (as Frankie’s mother, Carmela) at Brazen Giant Ensemble workshop (at Players Theater, MacDougal St, NYC) on 4/28/22.

2 – “Once a Boy”


This story is an autobiographical tale of the roller-coaster life of Fran Sisco, from 9 year-old cross-dressing Italian-American boy, through decades of living in two genders and all that came with the alpha male side – wife, daughter, houses, careers, businesses – until finally on 1/1/11 beginning life as a full-time female, that had the additional benefit of more right-brain (creative life). This book (not yet published) is a play with dialogue and monologues and has been through several edits and several scenes (about 14) have been presented theatrically (and filmed). The confidential plan of the author Fran Sisco is to use QR Codes throughout the book so that a reader will be able to see the scene via video in addition to seeing the scene in their mind. The further development and sharpening of this story is planned to begin in June 2022.

Below are a selection of various scenes that were developed and acted out at various locations, including (a) Players Theatre (MacDougal St, NYC) with the Brazen Giant Ensemble (b) Axial Theater (Pleasantville, NY), Ossie Davis Theater (New Rochelle, NY), The Stonewall Inn (Christopher St., NYC), La Vie Galerie, Livingston, NJ, Vince Curatola Acting Workshop at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar (Nyack, NY).


(Act 1-Scene 1) 1-1     Grandpa dies and Frankie confides with mother  11/29/18 – At Brazen Giant Ensemble, Players Theatre, NYC


1-2     Frankie and Frankie 12/20/18 – At Brazen Giant Ensemble, Players Theatre, NYC


1-5       The Cute Boy Over There 5/23/19 – At Brazen Giant Ensemble, Players Theatre, NYC


1-7     Hookers 1/31/19 – At Brazen Giant Ensemble, Players Theatre, NYC


Same scene at Axial Theater with different actors:


1-13     Business is Personal-Part H – 9/27/18 – At Brazen Giant Ensemble, Players Theatre, NYC


1-14       Creatively Yours
Part A – “Oh To Be Uncreative”
Part B- Venting About Inventing
Part C- “No Hands” Scene
Part D – Now for the big-time at Southern comfort
Part A – 9/5/19 – At Brazen Giant Ensemble, Players Theatre, NYC


1-17     Parents and Fran – Kitchen Discussion Next Day 2/13/19 – At Axial Theatre, Pleasantville, NY


Same scene, different venue and different actors – 2/13/19 – Ossie Davis Theatre, New Rochelle, NY


3/10/19 – At Axial Theatre, Pleasantville, NY – Same scene, performed in a different venue, with the same actors


Fran and Terri Brazen Giant Ensemble Workshop-NYC – 4/19/19- Time of youtube clip is 9:00 to 16:58


1-19    Fran and Ang Fran’s home in New Rochelle – 12/22/18


Kelly, Lorrie and Frank Argue  5/29/19 – At Axial Theatre, Pleasantville, NY


Same scene, different venue and actors


 1-22      Frank and Doreen Acting Class, Nyack, NY – 4/20/19


Brazen Giant Ensemble Workshop-NYC-  4/19/19. Time of youtube clip is 16:58 to 25:29

1-24 -Fran and Lorrie – Brazen Giant Ensemble at Players Theater – 12/22/18

1-24     Fran and Lorrie – Stonewall Inn, NYC – 1/22/19


Same scene, different venue – 4/10/19 – At Axial Theatre, Pleasantville, NY


2-5     Being Trans in Retail at The Stonewall Inn, NYC – 1/22/19     Part A – CHASE –
Part B – CVS


 2-7      Fran and Dad’s Life Review  Brazen Giant Ensemble Workshop-NYC – 11/7/19


2-9   Comedy and Songs Greenwich Village Comedy Club, NYC – 10/13/18 (Singing “Ain’t Giving Up My Braciole” – Fran, Kelly, Regina Elizabeth King, Arda on sax)


 Part A – Comedy
Part A – LGBT Board
Part B – Imperial Court
Part C – Town’s Women’s Club
Part D – St. John’s Vestry
Part E – Crisis Help Radio Show
Part F – Parties  Greenwich Village Comedy Club, NYC – 7/6/19 (Jokes and singing “All Kinds of People” by Fran and Kelly, and part of “Ain’t Giving Up My Braciole”


Imperial Court of NY charity event at Italian Charities of America, in Elmhurst, Queens on 1/29/17. (Fran singing “Aging Trans Girl Blues)


Broadway Comedy Club, NYC on 7/13/19 (Blackout show) – Fran and Kelly did jokes and sang (1) “All Kinds of People” parody of Sinatra’s Nice and Easy, and part of  “Ain’t Giving Up My Braciole” (co-written with Leigh Harrison)

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________2-12   Dear Lord – Fran and Kelly  Brazen Giant Workshop, NYC – 1/___/20


Same scene, different venue and actors –

The Artist Café, City Island, Bronx, NY 8/11/18


2-13   Happy Trans Girl Like Me Music video of “Happy Trans Girl Like Me”


Same scene – different venue and actors – 9/9/17 -At Circle of Friends, Axial Theatre, Pleasantville, NY


2-15   Fran and Lorrie  Brazen Giant Ensemble Workshop-NYC – 2/21/19


Same scene – different venue and actors – 4/10/19 – Axial Theatre, Pleasantville NY


3- “Kindness and Fairness”

This presentation took place at EAG one evening in __________as part of “Sustainable Conversations” and was a virtual performance of 24 participants sharing songs, stories, a short play called “Don’t You Judge My Son,” violin music, discussions, readings of prayers and poems, and an engaging Q&A of about 30 minutes that included a priest, a minister, a Westchester County Legislator, a representative of Black Lives Matter, the president of Theater Resources Unlimited (Bob Ost). There is a 1.5 hour recording of the zoom event. Plans are to edit, tighten and then broadcast the presentation live in theaters, with Q&A, and perhaps with other DEI-oriented material.

First Part –

Second Part –

4 -“Happy Trans Girl Like Me”

This is a 17-minute documentary about the joys of being a transgender woman (e.g. Fran Sisco) and the related celebration of authenticity, through a series of clips from (a) singing the pop-song “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” at various venues, and often with Fran’s supportive daughter Kelly Sico (b) stand-up comedy shows (c) panels and appearances (d) being part of the Episcopal float of the NYC Pride Parade with footage going down Christopher Street with thousands of people in front of iconic bars like “The Stonewall Inn,” “Pieces,” the “Duplex” and (e) street scenes at the San Gennaro Festival, highlights of Italian-American and New York culture. This documentary is an example of the use of live performances, then recorded and edited, then shown in film festivals (e.g. Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City, NJ, where scores of people not only viewed the film but were engaged in questions and follow-up discussions), at LGBT and other organizations, including discussions, and actively being seen by thousands of people and hopefully making positive points about the importance of authenticity and living a fully-expressed life as yourself.

5. Other award-winning short films, primarily about the transgender life experienced including the following:

a. “Stonewall, Thanks” – 5 minute short film, giving gratitude in the setting of the historic Stonewall Inn, following a charity performance by members of the Imperial Court of New York, one of the largest LGBTQ organizations in the world (put on performances and give away the money that is raised at the events)


b. “Being a Trans Girl” – 5 minute short film, reflecting on the issues of being a trans girl, with an original parody of the Edith Piaf song “La Vie En Rose”


6. Three award-winning music videos, some with awards, all with recognition in film festivals, including:

a. “Our Friend Wendy, It’s Her Birthday” – music and lyrics by Fran Sisco –


b. “Carousel Girl” (song co-written with Matina Grammas (music) and Fran Sisco (lyrics)-


c. “Happy Trans Girl Like Me” – clips from the film, with the lyrics subtitled in English (for hearing-impaired audiences) and subtitled in Italian (with recognition to heritage of Fran Sisco’s 4 grandparents from Calabria, Italy.


6. “Crisis Help Radio Show” – on 1460 AM radio, with proliferation on social media, and recordings having life after live airings. Some radio shows would be followed with live performances that same day of the guests in other venues such as libraries, restaurants, halls,

“Crisis Help Radio Show”

– a monthly show on WVOX 1460AM on the second Tuesday of each month, from 7pm-8pm. Call-in number is 914.636.0110. Facebook Live connection is under Kelly Sisco or Francis Sisco.


A. Overview – Our show is broadcast on WVOX at 1460 AM Radio live on the second Tuesday of each month from 7pm to 8pm EST. And worldwide on http://www.wvox.com. The WVOX studio is located at Whitney Media (for WVOX AM and WVIP FM – 93.5) at 411 Fifth Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801 (near Potter Ave.)  The call-in number is 914.636.0110.
Each month, co-hosts Frank Sisco, Tom Sullivan, and Kelly Sisco (and periodically Ken Kline)  moderate lively discussions among guests in the New Rochelle, NY studio and call-in guests on a wide variety of topics related to the crisis and stress people are experiencing in their lives, in areas that include financial problems brought on by loss of job or business, relationship problems include divorce and separation, health problems including death, disability, sickness, aging, disease, etc,. physical such as fire, floor, accidents, injuries, acts of God, etc.

Live video also can be seen on wvox.com. Prior shows are (1) a few are shown at the below links (2) on youtube (by searching on Crisis Help Radio Show and Fran Sisco and Tom Sullivan),  and (3) on Facebook under Francis Sisco.  The show was begun in 2008 during the nation’s financial crisis. The show focuses on themes and helpful strategies that are discussed on the show include staying positive, getting the help of others, seeing the silver lining even as you face adversity, teamwork, spirituality, appreciating that the flip side of crisis is opportunity, expressing your authentic self, using creativity and creative endeavors (e.g. music, writing, poetry, performance, acting, painting, sculpture, teaching, etc.) to develop new solutions and giving fully of yourself to others. Our shows often include specific suggestions provided by our in-studio guests and phone guests who are experts or have particular experience and points of views in the areas being discussed.  If you would like to be a guest to share about your coping strategies with crisis and stress, or you are an expert on such matters, please contact Fran Sisco via email at FrancisSisco@aol.com. If you would like to sponsor or advertise on our show, the fees are modest, and the impact quite good, especially after considering the post-show coverage via social media, email blasts, websites, etc.

In addition, older shows can be accessed through a problematic older webpage, at the following link: (Do not use this link as all mp3s will load concurrently, causing delays).

Recent photo of 3 co-hosts – Fran Sisco, Tom Sullivan and Kelly Sisco


7. Poetry Readings and Book readings – Scores of readings some as part of larger events and some self-contained.

Example – Poetry at wake – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RBKdwex-Us

Example – Quentin Crisp book – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AICZc9PaulA

Example at Chauncey Dandridge’s “Freak-Out Show” on Zoom – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6yLo6VxK4M&t=1643s

8. Stand-up Comedy Shows and sketches

In addition to stand-up comedy, there are sketch comedy pieces, combining theater, comedy, film, etc.: Here are examples:

Example sketch comedy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwSItpSLNoI

Example – at a memorial event – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCUY3fzITB4

Example – at a fundraiser event – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMtWTwYQlDE&t=4s

9. Visual art events – Displays of art, live, and then recorded and theatrical performances, including music at the events

Example – https://transfransisco.wordpress.com/rb-paintings-and-sculpture/

Example – use of visual art plus video plus story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1vftN926Ac

10. Theatrical events of monologues and scenes – Here is an example of one on 2/20/22 (filmed by Fran Sisco) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qOTTOqu_SA&t=5s

10. Motivational talks – Combining live event and film –

Example – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gotVqHCf3WQ&t=37s

Example – guest interview –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BJO0dhsk7g


10 – Script of sci-fi fantasy called “The Past Comes Back”

1. Acceptance speech for Best Script at Cutting Room International Film Festival –

2. A reading of the script on the radio –

3. Discussion with Kathrina Miccio of Venus International Film Festival –

4. Quick discussion of the script at the New York SciFi/Fantasy Film Festival


11 – Staged readings –

Example of “Small Craft Warnings” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moDZzcgF1yQ&t=1208s