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Note from Fran Sisco – The way you fill out these forms can make the difference of thousands of dollars.  Please call me to discuss my preparing your taxes for 2017, and planning for 2018 due to the major changes in the New Tax Act.  In the meantime, click the links below to get the tax info you want:


Click on the below links to get info:

#1 – LB – Fran Sisco’s ways for Tax preparation and planning (for individuals and small business)

#2 – LB – The New Tax Act and how you can save taxes.

#3 – LB-Fran Sisco’s Financial Flyer for Saving Money and Taxes-December 2017 – Vol.2 No.1

#4 – LB – 2017 Tax Season – For taxpayers to complete- Instructions and 11-page Organizer Package

#5 – LB-Tax stuff – Quickbooks Handbook summary info for Individuals

#6 – LB-Tax stuff – Quickbooks Handbook summary info for Small Business


Additional alternative info:

As alternative to #4

#4A- LB – 2017 Tax Season – Organizer forms, charts of rates, key dates, etc.