LB – 2020 Tax Season – Organizer forms, DEDUCTION CHECKLISTS, etc.


NOTE FROM FRAN SISCO – Before we meet and/or you give me your tax info for me to prepare your 2020 tax returns, it is essential that I have a full understanding of the circumstances affecting taxes and finances, especially changes from the prior year.  On the “main page were categories #1 and #2 for you to review.  This is Category #3. There is no need to print out these pages and fill them out, unless it is the first year I am preparing your taxes. OR there are changes in the info (e.g. changed address, new dependent info, etc.)  Much of the info you can review quickly and email me the questions you may have or the supplemental info to give me. Some of the questions or tips may lead to tax savings for you. Thanks, Fran Sisco